European Public Procurement Update

This is our weekly European public procurement news roundup. We will be bringing you recent public sector stories and information from around Europe’s news portals, reporting on how more than a trillion Euros of taxpayer money is being spent. This will become part of a future initiative to bring you more frequent, online reporting.

7th April, 2017, Source : Public Spend Forum,, By : Nancy Clinton


DWP Procurement Scheme apparently making it difficult for charities to bid

The UK’s Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) welfare-to-work procurement programme is said to be ‘undermining’ the charities sector in its bidding process. An infrastructure body has said it will likely make it difficult for charities that want to bid to be subcontractors. See the full story on Civil Society News.

New developments in Romanian Public Procurement

In 2016, Romanian public procurement legislation was completely changed. Now in 2017, further developments have been taken place. The newest practice-oriented Instruction encourages contracting authorities to formulate qualification and selection criteria as well as evaluation factors which emphasize quality. The main new developments are highlighted in Lexology.

Europe sees rapid rise in private rail funding 

A study by The Rail Working Group has revealed that private finance in train rolling stock increased by more than €750m and made up for some of the shortfall in public funding.The study shows a marked difference between western and eastern Europe, with private finance accounting for 22% of total investment in train procurement in western Europe compared with just 11% in eastern Europe. Private finance in European rolling stock procurement has increased from 12% in 2011-2013 to 20% in in 2013-2015, while the proportion of projects involving private finance has jumped from 18% to 35%. A report on the study is on International Railway Journal.

Slovak Procurement Office to examine low school internet bids

Slovak operator Swan offered the cheapest internet service for schools in the tender for Edunet, after O2 Slovakia’s cheapest bid was refused for formal shortcomings. Swan submitted the lowest price at EUR 64.4 million. The estimated budget was EUR 81 million. Therefore, the offer of Swan would represent a saving of 20.5 percent compared with the original budget. However, there is only a little price difference compared with the other participants. The results of an examination by the Public Procurement Office are awaited – and the full story is on telecompaper.

European Commission concerned over public procurement ‘imbalance’ with non EU countries

‘The European Commission has raised concerns about the limited access EU companies get to public markets abroad, proposing measures to tackle the “imbalance” – reports Euractiv, where you can find the full story. The EU’s most powerful economies argued the EU should boost its capability to protect public interests more efficiently based on economic criteria in the event of takeovers by foreign investors, especially those eyeing hi-tech and strategic infrastructures.

UK central government procurement slammed by construction sector

We have written much already about the CCS being criticised for currently managing only £2.5bn of spending on behalf of 7 government departments, instead of the expected £13bn on behalf of 17 departments. Its management of procurement frameworks, such as its heavily delayed £2.9bn construction consultancy framework called Project Management and Full Design Team Services, has also been criticised as “unsatisfactory”- reports

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