Dear Sir/Madam,

This email is to inform you about the launch of a Questionnaire for the development of the EU GPP Criteria for Public Space Maintenance.

As you will be aware, the EU Green Public Procurement (GPP) is defined as “a process whereby public authorities seek to procure goods, services and works with a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle when compared to goods, services and works with the same primary function that would otherwise be procured”. Although GPP is a voluntary instrument, it has a key role to play in the EU’s efforts to become a more resource-efficient economy. It can help stimulate a critical mass of demand for more sustainable goods and services which otherwise would be difficult to get onto the market. GPP is therefore a strong stimulus for eco-innovation.

A preparatory study for the development process is being carried out by the Joint Research Centre’s in Seville (Directorate B � Growth and Innovation). The Directorate General for the Environment is the European Commission department responsible for this EU policy tool. The EU GPP criteria will be based on the requirements described in the EU Communication COM(2008) 400. The criteria will be defined on the basis of the environmental information derived from Life Cycle Assessment and product oriented environmental performance assessment studies. Several environmental, safety, technical and functional aspects will also be considered. Moreover, during the EU GPP criteria process continuous wide stakeholder consultation is foreseen with manufacturers, public space maintenance service providers, consumer organisations and NGOs.

We are therefore looking to encourage active participation from stakeholders. We rely heavily on stakeholder consultation, so your time and expertise are greatly appreciated and valued.

In this regard, we are contacting you to ask for your collaboration responding to a questionnaire aimed at collecting your views on the current EU GPP criteria for Public Space Maintenance, its scope and definitions, and your experience in its practical implementation.

Please find enclosed the following documents:

Questionnaire EU GPP PSM.docx: this Word file is the Questionnaire itself

EU GPP PSM Stakeholders registration form.xls

All responses received through this questionnaire will be treated as confidential. Any publication we produce will be restricted to including data in an aggregated format only and comments will not be attributable unless this is specifically requested.


Please submit the questionnaire no later than Friday 17th March to ensure that all comments can be fully considered in this process to:


The Questionnaire is also available to download at the official project’s website:



(Please disregard this part if you have already sent the Registration form)

We would like to remind you our invitation to be registered in order to take part in this process. Registered stakeholders will be regularly informed about the progress of the study, will have access to preliminary results and draft documents and will be invited to respond to questionnaires, to comment on the working documents and participate at stakeholder meetings. They will be granted access to BATIS, an online tool designed to provide the stakeholders with a platform to comment on the working documents to be developed along this process. Should you wish to register in this process, and have access to BATIS, please fill in the attached Registration form (Excel file)  and send it to the above mentioned e-mail address, or replying to this email.


Please, feel free to forward this email to any other organisation that might be interested in following the development process.


Thank you in advance for your response.


With kind regards,





Scientific Officer
European Commission
Joint Research Centre
Directorate B � Growth and Innovation
Unit 5 – Circular Economy and Industrial Leadership
Edificio EXPO, Calle Inca Garcilaso 3
41092 Sevilla, SPAIN
+34 954 488 476


DISCLAIMER: The views expressed are purely those of the writer and may not in any circumstances be regarded as stating an official position of the European Commission.

Documents :

EU GPP PSM Stakeholders registration form

Questionnaire EU GPP PSM

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